Institucional - Occupational Health and Safety – SSO

A Clean Environment Management effected the development of the Program of Health, Safety and Medicine to be carried out when winning this event, in compliance with the Regulatory Standard NR-4-Specialized in Safety and Occupational Medicine. Coming discuss it in the manner described below:

The risk of losses in potential employees, often irreparable, leads to a relentless pursuit of improvement in the standards of safety and occupational medicine, so the Clean Environment Management, in addition to keeping their employees properly registered, will also be insured against accidents work in accordance with the legal provisions in force, taking as reference the provisions set out in Federal Law No. 6.514/77 and regulated by Decree No. 3.214/78.

Based on this philosophy, the Clean Environment Management perseveringly seeks to allocate resources and so there is always in service, perfect balance between the tasks to be performed and the security systems employed in the execution.

The basic characteristics of Hygiene Program, Safety and Occupational Medicine of the Clean Environment Management has the objectivity to preserve the health and integrity of its human resources, thus, aims at optimizing the production of the work to reduce risks that may undermine the physical integrity of its employees, thereby, improving the quality of life and continuity.

Routine Work Safety is inherent to any services performed therefore to achieving your goal, the Clean Environment Management, through its technical management constitutive: managers, supervisors, foremen and tax services, disseminate the practice of Security labor as an essential activity, using all the resources necessary to ensure a safe working environment, exempting the risks and adequate standard of facilities.

The Personal Protective Equipment-PPE, as well as the Collective Protection Equipment - EPC's are considered as tools required and mandatory to work, so the Clean Environment Management ensures the supply free of them, every employee and has as standard mandatory its use by all employees, but also provide the same, all the standardization that may be necessary in the exercise of their functions.

The company highlights that will signal the service fronts, areas of risk, using the EPC's required as well as PPE necessary to preserve the physical integrity of its employees (NR-26 - Safety Signs).

With the purpose of promoting health and establish measures to ensure the integrity of their employees in the workplace, the Clean Environment Management will maintain a body of specialized services in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine - SESMT.

Services Specialized Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine - SESMT is scaled, based on the framework established by the Ministry of Labour.

Premises where the services are performed, the Commission for the Prevention of Accidents - CIPA will be organized according to the definition of the Ministry of Labour (law), and his body formed by representatives of the Clean Environment Management and its employees (employees Company).

Inspections of Work Safety.

The Work Safety Inspections have materially specific preventive, aiming to detect unsafe conditions and / or unsafe procedures, indicate preventions been necessary for the control and elimination of unsafe conditions and / or recycling of training. In the Security Plan, inspections are classified into:

Daily Inspection Safety: when found irregularities must be recorded at that SESMT then take steps to eliminate the risk noted.

Monthly Safety Inspection:will be held monthly in services involving: Security Sector and Occupational Medicine and Representatives of CIPA.

Inspeção de Segurança Patrimonial: será realizada pelo SESMT, onde serão inspecionados equipamentos, ferramentas e materiais recebidos pela empresa, destacando-se: Inspeção de equipamentos, veículos, extintores de incêndio, assim como todos dos EPI’s e EPC’s.

Meetings Work Safety

The Contract Manager's Clean Environment Management systematically establish dates and frequencies for conducting safety meetings, which will be dealt with the following topics, as follows:

The topics raised by the safety inspection performed, evaluating the measures adopted and pending;

Acidentárias Statistics for the current month;

Monthly presentation of significant accident;

Disclosure of deviations recorded in the actions of preventions;

SESMT disclosure by the security proposal for the coming month.

These meetings will count with the participation of members of management, in charge of operational SESMT representative and representative of CIPA.


The training will be conducted by the company will aim to stimulate properly employed, preparing them and developing their potential, making him feel valued, thus, contribute to the improvement of productivity indices expected.

A Clean Environment Management will provide training to their employees in order to equip them with knowledge of the tasks to be performed, including garbage collection, as well as Occupational Safety and tools 5S.